Sean Owen Clancy, Ph.D.

Problem Solver, Consultant, Educator, Leader, Chemist, Materials Scientist, Failure Analysis Engineer, Data Analyst, Technical Writer, “Seasoned Technologist”, “Go-To Person”

I’m a scientist, technologist, and writer based in the USA.

I’ve assisted countless organizations with their electronics manufacturing failure analysis, developed carbon nanotube-based chemical sensors, created new polymer supercapacitors, developed ways to optimize organic light-emitting materials, and advanced pharmaceutical and medicinal chemistry research.

I’ve presented and consulted on subjects like instrumental analysis, unintended consequences, and problem-solving.

I’ve written “Failure analysis techniques in electronics, many technical articles, and other works.

When I’m not pushing the boundaries of science and technology, I enjoy the cooking, drawing, photography, computing, fitness, video games and continuing my education.

If you have questions or want to get to know me better, contact me.


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I help companies define clear applications and requirements that will carry their products through their customer’s end use, be they academic, aerospace, automotive, consumer electronics, defense, hobbyist, industrial, medical device, or industrial markets.


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I’m provide expertise in chemistry, materials science, metrology and characterization testing of properties and performance, root cause failure analysis, sensors, and much more.


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From developing a business development and marketing strategy to managing development programs, I can help you with your materials, process, and product development needs.


Sean is that kind of resource that you always want on your team. We worked closely on technical challenges and projects where Sean supplied chemistry and engineering details that always answered the tough questions. Always great to work with and a valuable resource.

Dave Johnston

Sean not only has deep knowledge in chemistry and materials but broad engineering knowledge that is very helpful in our product development and testing efforts. He is a ‘go-to’ guy when you have a difficult problem to solve and is not constrained by his previous experience and can offer multiple solutions to a given problem. Additionally, his advice is very decisive and helpful in focusing on the most likely path to pursue for a solution to the problem at hand. I highly recommend Sean.

Alex Anderson

Sean is just one of those people you know that is going to go above and beyond what is required the moment you start to interact with him. He is articulate in the way that he communicates and shares his ideas. He steps up to the plate to assist in anyway he can and gives 100%. He encourages his teammates. Provides positive support, even in difficult situations. He always looks for the best solution to problems and is always looking at continuous improvements to processes and procedures. Sean is an asset to any organization.

Colleen Gallagher

Sean and I have worked on multiple projects. Our expertise are in different areas and Sean has been very helpful in explaining and performing environmental testing and material analysis for all the projects I was involved in ACI. Thanks for all your support Sean.

Anand Bhavankar

Dr. Clancy has solid experience with regards to analytical and physical chemistry. His work greatly improved the business capability of the company and provided insight to the group. He has superb writing skills, good work ethic and character. I appreciated the time that I worked with Sean.

Anthony Vigliotti

Sean Clancy has a Ph.D. in Chemistry and tons of experience in product development and materials analysis for advanced technology applications in academic, government, commercial, and medical research groups. Rarely can the skills of extreme attention to detail, great interpersonal skills, vision and foresight, and meticulous tactical implementation be found in a single individual. It is a distinct pleasure to recommend Sean. I have worked closely with him on a number of projects at HZO and he is one of the most outstanding individual I have ever worked with. I believe he would make a superlative addition at any company. He continuously exceeds expectations, willingly accepts challenges and makes key critical contributions in every aspect of the business.

Dan Quale

I’ve had the privilege to work with Dr. Clancy. He is an expert in his field and has the ability to bring new and innovative ideas to many problems that are (or at least seemed) difficulty to solve. On a personal level, he has an amicable personality and a desire to invest in others, qualities critical in research, teaching and building professional relationships.

Ozgenc Ebil

Sean has an excellent command of synthetic chemistry and was a great colleague to work with.

Brian Petteys

Sean is an accomplished and talented scientist that I have had the pleasure of collaborating with. His technical skills are unrivaled and he approaches each problem with an appropriate strategy. Sean is a conscientious worker and a very personable colleague.

Adam Closson


Sean is a technology professional based in the USA.

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